About Sikh Matrimonial

Sikh Matrimonial Introduction Service has been founded as a collaboration between Guru Nanak Darbar Gravesend Gurdwara and Medway Towns Gurdwara Sabha to provide a Global Sikh Matrimonial Service. We provide a unique service that analyses applicant data and matches with prospective candidates, ensuring maximum compatibility. 


The service is run by individuals who keep the Sikh Maryada in consideration and understand the complexity of a matching service. All candidates are interviewed via a short video call to ensure the marriage readiness is genuine and Sikh Matrimonial is not used as a dating service. We also ensure that only the candidates apply, rather than indirect representatives. This is to ensure that candidates are committed and not wasting anyone’s time.


A £25 fee applies to cover admin, vetting, creation and management of profiles for 6 months and is renewable thereafter. 


Please email info@sikhmatrimonial.org if you have any queries.

5 Stage Sikh Matrimonial Matching Process

Application Received

Application Vetting

Application Matching

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